Demolition And Recycling

Products And Services Of The Variety Of Manufacturers That Are Dedicated To The Demolition And Recycling:

  • For all the above, it is more than natural that there is a more qualified provision of products and services of the variety of manufacturers that are dedicated to the demolition and recycling sector.
  • One of the most innovative providers in the sector is Brokk, a company of Swedish origin that specialized in the concept of demolition robots. Remote control on tracks characterizes Their equipment, and by having very compact dimensions, Brokk robots get into small spaces of buildings in demolition. All this has led to consider the Brokk portfolio for non-explosive demolitions in different markets.
  • The growth was exponential, and today the company is a benchmark in the market. At the last Conexpo, held in March, the Swede showed the market its new product, the Brokk 500 robot.
  • The Brokk 500 has 40% more braking power than its predecessor in every hammer blow. Its three-section articulated arm, characteristic of the brand’s engineering projects, is now more massive, reaching 7.4 meters in the vertical and 7 meters in the horizontal.
  • Hoever, the new version of the robot maintains the width of its predecessor, and with an operating weight of 5.2 tons is marginally more burdensome than the   Brokk 400. All accessories and parts of the new model are compatible with previous models.
  • The new Brokk demolition robot model is designed to work with a hydraulic hammer from another Swedish manufacturer that has traditional participation in the demolition market: Atlas Copco.
  • The ideal hammer for the Brokk 500 is the Atlas Copco SB702, which has 700 kilograms and in the demolishing robot can deliver blows of 1,500 joules.
  • The SB702 is part of Atlas Copco’s Premium line of breaker hammers. Some of its most outstanding characteristics are water injectors that help to suppress the dust generated by the cracking of structures. Another interesting point is its ContiLube system (optional), which is a lubricating pump mounted directly on the hammer that lubricates it continuously while it works.
  • In the case of demolition accessories, another prominent manufacturer that even has a significant share in Latin American markets is the Spanish company,    Xcentric Ripper. In a recent event held in his country, the Smopyc equipment fair, the company showed a new series of breakers. The models in question are the XR82, XR42, and XR52.
  • This new line is designed for heavy work; it is enough to see that the XR42, the most compact of the series, is coupled to excavators of between 32 and 40 tons, while the XR82 (line  topo) is coupled in excavators of between 70 and 90 tons. If the operating weight of 10 tonnes of the XR82 is taken into account, its frequency of 750 strokes per minute is visible.